… Lynn & Robert Newton were right there every step of the way…

I have known Lynn and Robert Newton for over 25 years. They are the epitome of Servants to their community. As a Professional Realtor team they want to serve people (not sell people) with their expertise in their profession. To me, this is what sets them apart from so many.

They have not only found the perfect homes for my family when I was in the market but the ultimate compliment I can give to them is sending both of my children to the Newton team when it was time for them to take one of the most important steps in a young person’s life. Lynn & Robert Newton were right there every step of the way to find the perfect house for each of my kids and “Hold their hands” through that potentially scary process.

They are equally as talented in selling a house for you as they are finding one for you. Six years ago I was trying to sell a house I moved out of and because of the small equity position I had in that house, I attempted to sell it myself. I thought like many do……My house is in great shape, it is in a great location so I can sell it quick. Well after 13 months of making a house payment on a house I no longer lived in and was unable to sell, I called Lynn and Robert to let the professionals handle it. I was not surprised when I had a buyer with about 30 days. J

— Richard A Waite